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Category: Home remodeling

Bone Remodeling: What Is It and How Do You Do It?

The home improvement shows make it look so easy. You buy an old house, and in an hour, it gets a complete overhaul to meet a farmhouse-chic aesthetic. Suddenly, your children are well-behaved, and you know how to bake a pie.  Sadly, the reality is

Bathroom Remodel

Home Remodeling: Where Should You Start?

Home remodeling might seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Where should you start? How much money will you need? Are there any projects you can do on your own? Luckily, we have the answers! Here’s what we’ll cover in this helpful guide:

Finding a Remodeling Contractor: A Quick Guide

For even the most ardent DIY-ers, some projects are just too much to handle on your own. You’re likely capable enough to roll on a fresh coat of paint, mount a new light fixture, or install a high-end shower head all by yourself, but if

What is Remodeling?

In 2020, we all got to spend a lot more time in our homes. During that time, did you start to realize your home might need a face lift? Maybe you noticed that your kitchen is outdated or that your flooring has, shall we say,

Renovation vs. Remodel: Which Do You Need

Take a look around your home. Could your fixtures be described as “retro?” Has the floor seen better days? Is your kitchen less than Instagram-worthy? This could all mean it’s time to update your home. But what should win in the battle of renovation vs. remodel?