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Tag: home renovation

Home Renovation: The Top 3 Items You Need to Think Of

Home renovation is never easy, but it often provides more happiness in the long run. No matter how big or small a project is, remodeling your home takes care, consideration, preparation, and proper execution. If you don’t take the time to do everything correctly, it

How a Renovation Loan Works to Improve Your Home

Planning a home remodel? You’re not alone. According to the latest data from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, home remodels have been on the rise and are expected to continue rising for the foreseeable future. But before you roll up your sleeves, you

How to Learn Home Renovation Skills: A Guide

Do-it-yourself projects have become an increasingly popular trend. From small things, such as replacing an appliance or patching your drywall, to larger projects, like roofing installation, it can be helpful to learn at least a few home renovation skills. Having these skills in your tool

What is Remodeling?

In 2020, we all got to spend a lot more time in our homes. During that time, did you start to realize your home might need a face lift? Maybe you noticed that your kitchen is outdated or that your flooring has, shall we say,

Renovation vs. Remodel: Which Do You Need

Take a look around your home. Could your fixtures be described as “retro?” Has the floor seen better days? Is your kitchen less than Instagram-worthy? This could all mean it’s time to update your home. But what should win in the battle of renovation vs. remodel?